Pop-up heaven!

Hot on the heels of our work with Kelloggs in Manchester last month, we now have a range of possible venues across the North West ready to let your brand get the kind of interaction and communication it deserves.

The cost of fit-out really depends on your specification, but it need not be astronomical. Some brands thrive on an industrial or ‘grunge’ feel, easily adapting neglected spaces. Other brands demand a bit more polish, and we have ways to create very attractive innovative coverings and window dressings that can mimic something out of Beverly Hills!

Our staff are fully experienced in running such events, guiding customers through the full brand experience, and creating a sense of ‘wow’ that will get social media trending and your local media clamouring for features.

Best of all, consumers get what they want – something different, something out of the ordinary, and a chance to interact with your brand. Contact us now to find out how we can create the splash and noise that will set your brand apart.

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