If you’re in @Manchester around @Spinningfields you may notice something different. Apparently, in a bid to see if the number of ‘accidents’ (not too serious, just people bumping into each other!) can be cut down. Apparently, it would seem that everyone is so busy checking their #phone, that they walk into each other! So two 75m long ‘safe lanes’ have been put in place to keep walkers separate whilst they go about their business. there is even a name for these people – #DALAP’s – Distracted as looking at phone. It did make me think, though, if we can’t be trusted to walk and use a phone then I am not surprised there have been calls to ban use of them in cars lately. I’ll be heading down to #Spinningfields to check this out – sounds like a right hoot!

Promotional staff – bringing a cheer to housebuilders

Our staff at St Mary’s Island in Kent
Our staff have proven to be a big hit with #housebuilders and buyers of #newbuilds alike, making the process of buying the most valuable thing most people ever buy a little bit easier, more comfortable, and more down to earth. Our staff are on hand to assist the builders sales teams, and through their professionalism and skill in making people feel more at ease, make the whole event run smoothly and efficiently. Contact us to see how we can help in all your #livemarketing #events.