RBOS Rises to the occasion

EEPromo staff doin’ their thing!

We had some great fun at the Bishopsgate branch of Royal Bank Of Scotland, where our crack team of acrobats captivated staff, customers and many, many onlookers with juggling, acrobatics, stilt-walking and all manner of frankly unbelievable tracks, guaranteed to stop you in your tracks. Dressed in RBOS colours, our team really made an impact on the day and got the high street chattering!

A new London pop-up

Our staff bringing the joys of Wilko to Londoners!

The Gallery at 10 Hanover St in @London has a great new pop-up designed to showcase the Wilko retail brand to the London market. Great for #household and #garden products, with a focus on usefulness and innovation, this is proving to be a great draw for London consumers. The company’s innovation team are also on hand to find out more about what the London shoppers need, and approach that has driven years of success for this 3rd generation family-owned business.


If you’re in @Manchester around @Spinningfields you may notice something different. Apparently, in a bid to see if the number of ‘accidents’ (not too serious, just people bumping into each other!) can be cut down. Apparently, it would seem that everyone is so busy checking their #phone, that they walk into each other! So two 75m long ‘safe lanes’ have been put in place to keep walkers separate whilst they go about their business. there is even a name for these people – #DALAP’s – Distracted as looking at phone. It did make me think, though, if we can’t be trusted to walk and use a phone then I am not surprised there have been calls to ban use of them in cars lately. I’ll be heading down to #Spinningfields to check this out – sounds like a right hoot!

Promotional staff – bringing a cheer to housebuilders

Our staff at St Mary’s Island in Kent
Our staff have proven to be a big hit with #housebuilders and buyers of #newbuilds alike, making the process of buying the most valuable thing most people ever buy a little bit easier, more comfortable, and more down to earth. Our staff are on hand to assist the builders sales teams, and through their professionalism and skill in making people feel more at ease, make the whole event run smoothly and efficiently. Contact us to see how we can help in all your #livemarketing #events.

EEPromo at conference!

At the ACC, Liverpool

EEpromo were chuffed to bits to be selected as event support at the ACC Liverpool recently. As ever, our marvellous staff helped make the day run smoothly, ensuring the delegates all knew what was going on and where the should go. It’s another string to the EEPromo bow, and we are really proud with the result.

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Store Openings

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Our store openings, create a buzz ,increase footfall and media attention.Time to get back on to the high street.

Pop-up heaven!

Hot on the heels of our work with Kelloggs in Manchester last month, we now have a range of possible venues across the North West ready to let your brand get the kind of interaction and communication it deserves.

The cost of fit-out really depends on your specification, but it need not be astronomical. Some brands thrive on an industrial or ‘grunge’ feel, easily adapting neglected spaces. Other brands demand a bit more polish, and we have ways to create very attractive innovative coverings and window dressings that can mimic something out of Beverly Hills!

Our staff are fully experienced in running such events, guiding customers through the full brand experience, and creating a sense of ‘wow’ that will get social media trending and your local media clamouring for features.

Best of all, consumers get what they want – something different, something out of the ordinary, and a chance to interact with your brand. Contact us now to find out how we can create the splash and noise that will set your brand apart.

Pop-up: a massive brand opportunity


We recently partnered Kelloggs in support of National Cereal Day, with a pop-up shop in Central Manchester. It was a great way to grab some headlines, speak directly to consumers, create a bit of marketing ‘noise’ and raise the profile of cereals. What struck me was that people are more than willing to engage, and enjoy the fact that something new has popped up along their daily commute. It is people’s natural curiosity to go and see what is going on, see what is happening, that creates a really big opportunity for brand owners everywhere. It is a chance for brand owners to create the perfect venue to show off their products, expand on their brand personality, and connect with their consumers to get some real, honest feedback. I am also very proud of our staff, who are all able to cope in such an unpredictable live setting. The natural way in which they engaged with the public not only helps to keep the brand ‘accessible’, but encourages much greater trial, and more positive feedback from the event.

There is no end of empty units that can quickly and simply be transformed into a ‘brand oasis’ to really get across to consumers so much more than can be achieved through traditional retail channels. It also cheers up the high street, gives consumers something new to look at and experience, and is a highly cost effective way to generate greater engagement and footfall. We will definitely be doing more!

Get moving in Spring!

It is that time of year when your nesting instincts start to kick in, so what better opportunity than to get down to Linden Homes in Brayton (North Yorks) and Welton (Lincolnshire) this weekend, where our brand ambassadors will be on hand.

Just Lovin’ Valentine’s Day

Just Lovin’ Valentine’s Day

It’s here again, lifting the mid-winter gloom! We have always had great fun on Valentine’s day, with our Brand Ambassadors and Entertainers being put into action all over the country as budding ‘Romeos’ and ‘Juliets’. We’ve just the thing to make the day extra-memorable, to give your brand or venue that extra experiential push – Get in touch to see how we can get you feelin’ the love!